International Women’s Day: Join the movement!

By Ashley M.

“It’s a day to celebrate solidarity and difference among women” – Jeevini Sivarajah

“International Women’s Day becomes a canvas for our past and current struggles and as such, it becomes an opportunity to learn about our struggle from other perspectives and meet other women allies” – Tzazna Leal

“It’s a time to celebrate women’s victories and to learn from women’s struggles” – Nadeen el Kassem

“Even though challenging systemic norms and oppression is a day to day thing, IWD is a day when we can really bring our issues to the forefronts while highlighting our strengths and celebrating one of the longest and biggest movements of resistance in herstory worldwide. ” – Keerthy

In talking to sisters, International Women’s Day (IWD) means a lot of things, but the resounding message is unified: Mobilize and continue to fight!

The Revolutionary Women’s Collective (RWC), a working class women’s collective, will focus on confronting precarious work and standing in solidarity with our sisters (and brothers) against imperialism.

The focus is important to the RWC because so many lives are affected by the uncertainty of living and working precariously in a country like Canada.

Many women live and work in very poor conditions and face sexual harassment, unstable incomes, and threats of deportation.

Our sisters, who are here through the temporary foreign work programs, struggle for better conditions here and back home, wherever home may be.

International Women’s Day is not the ONE day a year that women come together. It is a movement that continues year round. It pushes us to continue working and mobilizing in our communities.

Will you join the fight?

Contact us for more information on our plans for IWD and more: