BASICS Creates Women’s Committee

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In order to help the growth and development of Basics as an organization, the general membership has created a Women’s Committee. For the working class to organize themselves, we need a media apparatus that reflects our struggles. Although Basics strives to present all issues in a way that addresses the most oppressed and exploited group of people, the perspective of working class women is not always reflected in our journalism.

To improve the quality of our journalism, the Women’s Committee will contribute to the editorial process, ensuring that working class women’s perspectives are reflected throughout all of our media productions. The Women’s Committee will also contribute to the internal growth and development of the organization by facilitating workshops and educationals on issues of concern and importance to women.

Some of the issues we hope to address include women’s mental health, the unemployment and underemployment of women, childcare and lack of social services, to name a few. We need to address all of these issues and more so that we can contribute to the struggle for women’s liberation.

For more information or to join the struggle send us an email at [email protected]