Birthdays of ‘Libertadores’ Simon Bolivar and Hugo Chavez Rally Supporters in Trinity-Bellwoods Parks


1003840_545870412133976_1841011158_n Members of the Latin American community in Toronto rallied with supporters in Toronto on July 24 at Trinity-Bellwoods Park in front of the statue of Latin American liberation leader Simon Bolivar – namesake for the ‘Bolivaian’ socialist current sweeping Latin America – on the occasion of Boliva r’s birthday (July 24, 1783) and also to celebrate that of the late Comandante Hugo Chavez (born July 28, 1954).

The date was seized upon by social movements throughout South America to call for the support of recently-elected President Nicolas Maduro and to advance the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela started more than two centuries ago by Bolivar and advanced under the Chavez government when it began its path towards socialist development in 1998.

The community rally in Toronto was used as an opportunity to highlight the achievements of the socialist and anti-imperialist countries such as Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador, Bolivia and Nicaragua, as they struggle to break with the capitalism imposed by U.S.-led imperialism.  In the last decade, these and other countries in the region have collaborated in the construction of an alternate institutions (ALBA, Petrocaribe, UNASUR and CELAC) for the region that break with the domination of the imperialists.  It was highlighted that this regional process wouldn’t be possible without the development and consolidation of the Bolivarian Revolution.

Santiago Escobar, a spokesperson for Hugo Chavez Peoples Defense Front in Toronto told BASICS that “This Revolution is based on the emancipatory ideas of Simon Bolivar, and was lead by Comandante Hugo Chavez since 1998. Today it is a reference for all the peoples of Nuestamerica and the world who struggle and dream of a different world.”

In addition to reaffirming their support for the new President and leader of the Bolivarian Revolution, Nicolas Maduro, supporters noted their support for President Evo Morales in response to the unprecedented forced landing of his plane in Europe when his plane’s entrance into the airspace of certain countries was revoked while in flight.  This act was unprecedented in modern times, given the immunity guaranteed to presidential aircraft by international law.

The rally stressed that the Morales incident was just the latest example of the provocations and illegal operations of the U.S. Government and their European imperialist partners, who together are actively conspiring to derail the revolutionary processes unfolding in Latin America.