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“THE LABOUR MOVEMENT IS BROKEN”: Union organizer claims she was fired for trying to unionize staffers and other ‘political reasons’

“THE LABOUR MOVEMENT IS BROKEN”: Union organizer claims she was fired for trying to unionize staffers and other ‘political reasons’

by Helena Epinat “The labour movement is broken.” Strong words from long-time union organiser Leanne Wilkins. Wilkins has been part of local 1000A, a local of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) for over 20 years. Wilkins was fired from her paid position in December 2013 for voicing her displeasure and exposing the hypocrisy

Proposed changes to Canada’s Family Reunification Program to exclude many

  by Jesson Reyes In December 2013, the newly appointed Chris Alexander, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada, announced that the handful of proposed changes within the Family Reunification Program will be effective as of January 2, 2014. Together with this announcement is the assurance to the applicants of its main motives:  to decrease processing time

Deported for demanding medical treatment for a fellow worker

by Alessandro Drago Montreal | “For temporary foreign workers there are a lot of injustices,” Noé Arteaga told a room of supporters and journalists. “We want justice, not just for me… but for everyone”. Arteaga had organized a press conference at the Immigrant Workers Centre on December 17 to draw attention to his struggle for justice.

No bread, just the circus: CUPE National convention sparks ‘Rebuilding Militant Labour’, in spite of leadership

Frustrated delegates at CUPE National Convention launch ‘Rebuilding Militant Labour’ movement from the floor by Steve da Silva, CUPE 3903 member In ancient Rome, politicians were known to secure the votes of Roman citizens by doling out wheat (drawn from conquered territories, it should be noted) and providing cheap entertainment.  This, the Roman poet Juvenal

KW Fights Liberal Austerity

by Kitchener- Waterloo BASICSNEWS “Ronald McDonald,” joined by approximately 30 other people, targeted a McDonalds located in Kitchener, ON, to demand a living wage for all workers. McDonalds is part of a larger lobbying group that wants to keep the freeze on minimum wage (which is currently $10.25/hr in Ontario), forcing workers to live in

Racist Comments of Leamington Mayor Against Jamaican Migrant Workers: OPEN LETTER

The following is an open letter to the Mayor of Leamington, John Paterson, from migrant justice organization Justicia For Migrant Workers. Last week, Paterson targeted Jamaican migrant workers for making “sexually aggressive” comments toward women. Paterson was quoted by the CBC as saying, “Maybe it’s appropriate back in your home town, but here’s it not.