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A clip from the film. Saddam holds up a picture of his niece that was killed, along with his sister-in-law, after a drone attack on his home in 2010.

‘Wounds of Waziristan’ Documentary Review

‘Wounds of Waziristan’ Documentary Review

by Camila Uribe Rosales and Ashley M. Since 2004, over 2500 people have been killed in Pakistan by drone missile strikes by the U.S. Another 50, 000 have been killed by the Pakistan military or insurgent forces and millions have been displaced in the decade long ‘War on Terror.’ The documentary Wounds of Waziristan, directed

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Street Voices Launch Poem

A Poem by Joel Zola Written for the founding of street voices magazine We live in the modern day world of cellphones, wikipedia, and social media Sexual messages are sexually transmitted like gonorrhoea to our subconscious The masses are asleep to reality like we’re unconscious The voices of the streets will be the alarm clock,

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Capitalism and the degeneration of Kanye West

by Hassan Reyes  While the jury is still out on Kanye West’s statement that he is the “most influential artist” around today, it goes without saying that he is one of the most talked about artist-celebrities out there and has been for sometime. Unfortunately however, the conversations provoked by his music and especially his statements,

I Hope Neil Young Will Remember: Don’t Play Apartheid Israel!

by Jordy Cummings In May 1970, National Guardsmen in the U.S. were called in to respond to a highly militant anti-war protests taking place at Kent State University in Ohio.  The protests were an immediate, emergency response to then President Richard Nixon “spreading the war” from Vietnam itself into Cambodia.  On May 4, these armed


‘Made You Die’ Can Make Us Live Again

by El Machetero Political music, at its absolute best, does more than just posture and appropriate militant imagery and rhetoric: it offers a revolutionary program and guides and directs the investment of energy born from a place of oppression and frustration. The song “Made You Die,” feat. Yasiin Bey, dead prez and Mikeflo, more than


Sobriety: Water not Fire Water

by Giibwanisi The way that a piece of machinery tears into the Earth causing destruction, is the same as how drugs and alcohol tears into your spirit. There is no distinction. Since the spread of European colonization in North America, Native peoples have faced an uphill battle to survive. Native peoples have weathered, direct warfare,

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Week of the Libertadores Event in Montreal, July 27

One-day interactive Popular Education workshop on Venezuela and ALBA (Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas). Politics + organization + solidarity + Latin food + Music Join the Facebook group: We celebrate the memory and legacy of Simon Bolivar, Mariategui, Ernesto CHE Guevara, Salvador Allende, Hugo Chavez and many more who represent peoples’ struggles and ideas