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Hip-Hop’s Torch Bearer Shows Out at the Grammys

Hip-Hop’s Torch Bearer Shows Out at the Grammys

By: Saeed Mohammed The opening of the 2016 Grammy Awards shows Kendrick Lamar stepping to the stage to receive his award for Rap Album of the Year. While up there, he states his win was a win for real hip-hop. This year Kendrick Lamar received 11 Grammy nominations, just short of Michael Jackson’s historic 12


My Name is a Form of Resistance

My name is a form of resistance Against the anglicization and exotification Of a body and a struggle You don’t even have the syllables to comprehend. My name is a form of resistance Because my mother named me for my Homeland. She named me to belong no matter where my feet would find me.   My name is


For My Brother

By: Shono           he was shot to death twenty-six years ago.         so many moons it has been. but still he does         not believe himself to be dead.         he could never die.         he would never die.                 how invincible are the boys these days.         so when

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Beauty Behind the Madness Singer is No Sell-Out

By Saeed Mohammed Scarborough’s very own Abel Tesfaye—or The Weeknd as he is more popularly known—has made conscious choices of the new direction of his career. The goal is simple, as he states in a New York Times article, to become the biggest pop star on the planet. The Weeknd sings in representation of the

#MyNorth subway advertisement in Lawrence West station.

#MyNorth: Sportchek and the Raptors attempt to co-opt Toronto’s basketball culture

by Michael Romandel On October 29, 2014, Sportchek in a partnership with Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment (the Raptors owners) launched an advertising and publicity campaign called #MyNorth asking Torontonians to share stories about local basketball culture in the various Toronto ‘hoods. The campaign builds off of Drake’s re-branding of the Toronto Raptors earlier this

For Ferguson, Missouri

By: Jeff Tanaka  He looks straight into the broken night sky and whispers almost silently “there are prophets on every corner. They come alive when flares light up the night. There are prophets in every suburb. They find their voice when police hurl death sentences into megaphones. There are prophets in every tragedy. They present themselves

Joel Zola

Street Voices Launch Poem

A Poem by Joel Zola Written for the founding of street voices magazine We live in the modern day world of cellphones, wikipedia, and social media Sexual messages are sexually transmitted like gonorrhoea to our subconscious The masses are asleep to reality like we’re unconscious The voices of the streets will be the alarm clock,

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Capitalism and the degeneration of Kanye West

by Hassan Reyes  While the jury is still out on Kanye West’s statement that he is the “most influential artist” around today, it goes without saying that he is one of the most talked about artist-celebrities out there and has been for sometime. Unfortunately however, the conversations provoked by his music and especially his statements,