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"Sunday morning shoppers line the streets in Kensington Market. The market, once marked with a strong political culture, is now marked by a strong business culture." - PHOTO: LIAM FOX/BASICS NEWS

The Struggle for Kensington: A Market for the People?

The Struggle for Kensington: A Market for the People?

By: Liam Fox On July 26th, the Friends of Kensington Market (FOKM) celebrated what they called a “major victory” for residents, as plans to develop a big box store in the east of Kensington were rejected. After a small-scale campaign and crowd funding initiative, FOKM finally achieved their goal. In celebration, the group held a


The emergence of the neoliberal containment state in Canada

by Aiyanas Ormond Reproduced with permission from author and The Mainlander: Vancouver’s Place for Progressive Politics AUTHOR’S NOTE | This article emerges from 5 years of working as a community organizer for the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users (VANDU). Thank you to the VANDU Board for allowing me to lean on their community organizing work and


“Say NO to Bill C-10″ – Founding statement of the Coalition Against Bill C-10

This statement was signed by the Anti-Colonial Committee of the Law Union of Ontario, No One Is Illegal – Toronto, the BASICS Community News Service, the Two Row Society, and the First Nations Solidarity Working Group of the Canadian Union of Public Employees Local 3903.  Organizations in agreement with this statement and interested in joining

The looming ‘war’ on the native tobacco trade

Six Nations meeting rallies community against Bill C-10  by Noaman G. Ali Six Nations of the Grand River | “The introduction of Omnibus Bill C-10 is an attempt to criminalize the hard-working families and entrepreneurs of Six Nations and other territories,” Jonathan Garlow said to over two hundred people gathered at the Polytechnic of the Six


Letter to the Editor: Fighting for socialized childcare as the ultimate goal

Mutual aid in childcare is the means, not the end: Fighting for socialized childcare as the ultimate goal Letter to the Editor – 22 December 2013 Thanks Vanessa Alexander for the article “Unlicensed Childcare: The Problem or the Solution?”, and thanks to BASICS for delving into an issue that’s central to the economic and social life