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Organizing for Better Homes and Beyond

Organizing for Better Homes and Beyond

By Nooria Alam and Harshita Singh On Saturday January 14th, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) organized a “Scarborough Tenant Speak Out” action in 215 Markham Road, bringing many frustrated tenants down to the lobby of their Markham and Eglinton area building. The group of tenants created a list of demands regarding


Easy Prey for Easyhome

Rent-to-Own Companies Exploit Working Class Communities By Sara Jaffri “Leasing makes it easy to own what you want! Your life your way!” reads a sign at the local Markham and Eglinton Easyhome store. The company’s Scarborough location is stocked with televisions, refrigerators, sofa sets and cell phones that can be rented for low weekly prices


An Honest Tribute to “The Greatest”: Against Whitewashing Muhammad Ali’s Legacy

By Sara Jaffri On June 3rd, Muhammad Ali passed away. While he was known for being a boxing champion and entertainer, Ali represented so much more. In the context of the broader struggle against racism, capitalist exploitation and imperialism in the 1960s, Ali was consistently vocal about revolutionary justice and black liberation. He supported Native-American


Temp Agencies are Parasites in Our Communities

By: Michael Romandel   In Toronto, one of the main ways that working class people find work when they find themselves out of a job and need to pay bills is through various temporary agencies. These agencies play the role of middlemen between corporations and workers. Corporations use them for a number of reasons, though they all add

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Issue #29

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Issue #27

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Issue #26

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Issue #24

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