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Convincing Your Killers? Black Lives Won’t Matter until Black Power Exists

Convincing Your Killers? Black Lives Won’t Matter until Black Power Exists

By Basics Editorial Committee “Nobody in the world, nobody in history, has ever gotten their freedom by appealing to the moral sense of the people who were oppressing them.” – Assata Shakur On Saturday March 26th, over a thousand people gathered for #BlackOut Against Police Brutality to demand justice for Andrew Loku and Alex Wettlaufer

Why Taxi And Uber Drivers Should Unite In Common Struggle

By Liam Fox On December 9th, taxi drivers from across Toronto staged a series of protests against the rival company Uber. Protesters shut down four high traffic areas before finishing with a demonstration at City Hall, calling upon the mayor to ‘bring justice’ to drivers by stopping Uber from operating illegally. These disruptions reverberated throughout

BASICS Creates Women’s Committee

In order to help the growth and development of Basics as an organization, the general membership has created a Women’s Committee. For the working class to organize themselves, we need a media apparatus that reflects our struggles. Although Basics strives to present all issues in a way that addresses the most oppressed and exploited group

Against Intervention in Syria: Not for the People, Not for the Peace

Editorial — by Noaman G. Ali War drums are beating in Western countries, sizing up Syria for some kind of military intervention. In Britain, parliament has voted against any military intervention – embarrassing the ruling Conservative party’s leader David Cameron – but that hasn’t stopped the US and French governments from carrying on with plans

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SIU ruling in Sammy Yatim case doesn’t guarantee justice

Editorial This Monday morning, the Special Investigations Unit (SIU) charged Constable James Forcillo for second-degree murder in the shooting of 18-year old Sammy Yatim on July 26, 2013.  Various YouTube postings of the initial civilian footage clearly show that a distressed Yatim—armed only with a 3 inch blade, isolated in a streetcar and surrounded by

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