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Carding in Blackface: On Mark Saunders and “Diversity” in the TPS

Carding in Blackface: On Mark Saunders and “Diversity” in the TPS

by Ellie Adekur-Carlson When Mark Saunders and Peter Sloly were shortlisted as candidates for Chief Bill Blair’s job, it struck up a city-wide dialogue around diversity and the role of a Black police chief in tackling issues of anti-Black racism within the Toronto Police Service. Communities were proud to watch, for the first time, as

Louise speaks out. Photo: VANDU

VANDU fights criminalizing Street Vending Bylaw

Provincial Judge upholds constitutionality of bylaw that criminalizes the poor. By: Aiyanas Ormond  “Don’t kick us when we’re down,” said Susan Aleck, standing in front of the provincial courthouse in Vancouver. “Let us get up and make ourselves better. Give us some space.” Aleck is one of four members of the Vancouver Area Network of

Art by Iranian artist Seema Sardarzehi.

From Pakistan to Turtle Island: #YesAllWomen

Op-Ed by Muriam Salman There has been widespread condemnation of the attack on a 25-year old pregnant woman as she stood in front of Lahore Courthouse, Pakistan on May 27. Farzana Parveen died after being hit with bricks and sticks by her father, brother, and former fiancé. The stoning coincided with news of Elliot Rogers

Haiti's 1804 revolution was the first successful slave revolution in human history to not only defeat its oppressor, but establish a new society of the liberated.

We Have an Anti-imperialist Obligation to the People of Haiti

by Ajamu Nangwaya, Network for Pan-Afrikan Solidarity & Toronto Haiti Action Network As we approach the 10 year anniversary of Canada’s invasion of Haiti, Ajamu Nangwaya of the Network for Pan-Afrikan Solidarity & Toronto Haiti Action Network explores humanity’s debt to, and imperialism’s crimes against, the Haitian people. by Ajamu Nangwaya February 28th/March 1st will

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Not Happy Talking to the Police? Try Collective Struggle

by Christopher Williams of the Network for the Elimination of Police Violence Poor Frederick Douglass apparently had it all wrong when he famously stated, “power concedes nothing without a demand. It never did and it never will.” According to a recent National Post opinion piece on contentious police practices in Toronto, sitting down and chatting

Not a holiday greeting card. This is Canada's Supreme Court, mostly hand-picked by Harper's ruling Conservatives since 2006, who have just handed the Harper majority the responsibility of rewriting the laws on prostitution in Canada

Sex industry celebrating Supreme Court Ruling

But most prostituted women will pay the price   Op-Ed by Suzanne Baustad Vancouver |   The most conservative Supreme Court we’ve seen in decades has decided to decriminalize prostitution, striking down all laws against keeping a brothel, living on the avails of prostitution (pimping), and street soliciting. The most reactionary government we’ve had in


Chavez vs. Mandela: Why did the media scorn one and mourn the other?

by Hassan Reyes For those many who identify with a progressive or liberatory politics, 2013 will be remembered as a year where two recognized leaders of the Left passed away. One was still in his prime, having just won another election, and ambitiously continuing a popular, socialist-oriented national project involving a democratic process of political …