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Implications of the Supreme Court Ruling on Canada’s Prostitution Laws (RADIO BASICS INTERVIEWS)

On this edition of Radio Basics, we explore Canada’s Supreme Court ruling this December 2013 that struck down Canada’s laws around prostitution. We interview two long-time organizers around the issue, whose positions though not necessarily contradictory somewhat reflect the long-standing debate between those pushing for “decriminalization” and those advocating “abolition”.  We speak to Chanelle Gallant from Maggie’s-Toronto, a Toronto-based


RB-KW Interview with Irish Republican Martin Rafferty – former POW and leading member of 32CSM

On this edition of Radio Basics Kitchener-Waterloo, we interview Martin Rafferty, who has been engaged in the struggle for Irish Republicanism since his youth, and was been imprisoned as a result. Rafferty is currently a leading member of Belfast 32 County Coverieghnty Movement. In this interview he discusses the creation of 32CSM, the struggles of

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Radio Basics – An Attack on the Working Class poor

In this segment of Radio BASICS we discuss the threat and cutbacks to UofT’s Transitional Year Program. The program is one of the most successful in Canada. It opens the academic doors to the working class poor, who would have otherwise never thought about Post secondary education. Radio BASICS had the opportunity to interview three

Radio Basics: Zig Zag on Idle No More / Toronto High school teacher Luis Filipe on teachers rank-n-file resistance to Bill 115

January 14, 2013 on Radio Basics: Zig Zag on Idle No More / Toronto High school teacher Luis Filipe on teachers rank-n-file resistance to Bill 115 Click here to download Mp3 or stream. Feature interviews on today’s show with Zig Zag ( on the “snakes in the grassroots” of #IdleNoMore and his analysis of the


Radio Basics: Interview with Canadian Doctor in Gaza

On december 3, Radio BASICS interviewed a Canadian Doctor who was in Gaza during the recent attacks. Also in the show are Headlines and poem recitals from International Day for solidarity with Political prisoners. Click here to get the podcast. For archive of all back shows click here or the RB icon above.


Tonight, on Radio Basics…

Tune in to Radio BASICS this Monday Night at 8pm on CHRY Dial 105.50fm or This week we will be interviewing a Dr. who was in Gaza during the recent attacks by the brutal Israeli govt. So Tune in! Miss an episode?  Check out the podcast version here!  

R.B. Interview: Anishinabek Activists Rallying Nation Against Coldwater-Narrows Land Surrender

On our August 27, 2012 showRadio BASICS interviews Anishinabek activists Richard Peters and Jonny Hawke who established the Oshkimaadizing Unity Camp in “Awenda Provincial Park” and are rallying people of the Anishinabek nation against Coldwater-Narrows Land Surrender, and land surrenders in general. For more information, see Click here to link to podcast or listen


R.B. Interview: Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya on Looming War Against Iran / Tim Carrie on Locked Out Caterpillar Workers

On today’s show (9 Jan 2012), Steve da Silva interviews Mahdi Darius Nazemroaya of on the U.S.-Israeli war preparations with Iran. For our second feature interview, we talk with Canadian Auto Workers Local 27 President Tim Carrie about the situation of locked-out Caterpillar workers in London, Ontario.Featuring music from the Consumer Goods – ‘Hockey