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Mao, Motorbikes and the People’s War (Video)

On January 18, 2013, Winter Has Its End and BASICS CNS correspondents interviewed Durlabh Pun, a secretary in the International Department of the Communist Party of Nepal – Maoist. Durlabh explains why and how he joined the Maoist movement, his experiences in combating caste and class oppression, and the necessity of communism in today’s world.

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Inequalities, books and revolution on hold in Nepal (Video)

On January 8, 2013, BASICS CNS and Winter Has Its End correspondents caught up with Ganesh Kumar Chitaure, owner of a radical bookstore in Kathmandu. Chitaure explains some of the basic inequalities along caste and class lines in Nepal that motivated him to join the Maoist movement. He talks about the role that he played as


Take your land and take you to court

On October 26th, Walton Development attempted to file an injuction against Mohawk workers and Six Nations people, who have been protesting against future housing development at Tutela Heights, in Brantford, Ontario. Tutela Heights is part of the Haldimand Tract and contains Tutelo burial grounds. The site was unlawfully taken by the Crown in 1835. It


Jane-Finch org rallies against poverty – October 17

*Article: Megan Kinch & Steve da Silva * Videography: Darryl Richardson *  Video: Editing Camila Uribe * Photos: Darryl Richardson & Steve da Silva * Four years to the day after Jane Finch Action Against Poverty’s (JFAAP) founding on October 17, 2008 – the International Day for the Elimination of Poverty – one of Jane-Finch’s leading people’s organizations


Six Nations Students Need Supplies, Not Lies

Video by Zach Ruiter Still No Texts/Supplies for Six Na, not much else to say except for that Six Nations has a lot to say and they will say it Thursday October 11 in Toronto, noon at 25 St. Clair Ave East. Some schools may have their photocopiers repossessed, this is very sad to treat

Toronto commemorates Bolivar birthday, expresses solidarity with Venezuelan Revolution

[Editor note: this article was originally posted on The Spanish version follows.] by: Juana Cabezas Over 50 people convened in Toronto’s Trinity Bellwood Park, site of a bust of South American Liberator Simon Bolivar, as an expression of solidarity with the Venezuelan people and with the Bolivarian Revolution. In a recent meeting in Caracas, Venezuela,