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Scarborough Residents Hold Vigil for Quebec Mosque Shooting Victims

Scarborough Residents Hold Vigil for Quebec Mosque Shooting Victims

By: Nooria Alam and Harshita Singh On February 5th, People’s Defence, an organization based out of Markham and Eglinton, held a vigil to honour the six Muslim brothers killed at the Quebec City Islamic Centre on January 29th. As temperatures dropped well below zero, more than 130 residents from the Scarborough neighbourhood gathered in the

The Rob Ford Crack Video

By Shafiqullah Aziz The infamous video of former mayor Rob Ford smoking crack, recorded by Mohamed Siad, has finally been released. Following the completion of court proceedings in the Andrew Lisi extortion case, the publication ban on the 2013 video has been lifted. After the release of U.S. online publication Gawker’s article “For Sale: A

The Housing Crisis and Colonialism in Mishkeegogamang: New BASICS doc reveals colonial living in Ontario’s north

In December 2014, BASICS people’s journalists Shafiq Aziz and Steve da Silva travelled to Mishkeegogamang First Nation, a remote Ojibway reserve located 7 hours  north of Thunder Bay as part of a serve-the-people project launched by the First Nations Solidarity Working Group of union local CUPE 3903.  Through a look at the housing situation on the reserve, BASICS

Justice for Jermaine Protest Locks Down Brampton Intersection on Christmas Eve

by Nathaniel Jote, Shafiqullah Aziz, Steve da Silva Concerned residents and community members gathered at a vigil on Christmas eve for Jermaine Carby, a Brampton man who was shot and killed by Peel Regional Police three months earlier.  The gathering rallied about 50 members at the location of Carby’s murder, near Queen and Kennedy, where

Six Nations Serve the People (Video)

The week of August 19th-23rd, community members from Six Nations and the Two Row Society organized a summer camp for native and non-native youth. Members of BASICS Community News Service were helping on site, and helped to produce this video:

Mao, Motorbikes and the People’s War (Video)

On January 18, 2013, Winter Has Its End and BASICS CNS correspondents interviewed Durlabh Pun, a secretary in the International Department of the Communist Party of Nepal – Maoist. Durlabh explains why and how he joined the Maoist movement, his experiences in combating caste and class oppression, and the necessity of communism in today’s world.

Inequalities, books and revolution on hold in Nepal (Video)

On January 8, 2013, BASICS CNS and Winter Has Its End correspondents caught up with Ganesh Kumar Chitaure, owner of a radical bookstore in Kathmandu. Chitaure explains some of the basic inequalities along caste and class lines in Nepal that motivated him to join the Maoist movement. He talks about the role that he played as