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“We abandoned him”: Khadr Lawyer Speaks Out

“We abandoned him”: Khadr Lawyer Speaks Out

by Nooria Alam   “I saw Omar on a screen, stretched out and tied to this wire mesh, crying, screaming in pain; his body had suffered such terrible wounds, and the torturers, these evil men, when Omar had to pee, they would take him down and they would use his head as a mop to

Vancouver commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Komagata Maru

Connecting the Old Canada with the New Canada: a legacy of Racism By Tascha Shahriari-Parsa On May 23rd, 1914, the Komagata Maru steamship arrived in Vancouver with 376 passengers who were fleeing India. There were already over 2000 Indians living in Canada, primarily Punjabis, who faced blatant discrimination. Due to racist government policies to keep

Antiwar protests spreading in Ukraine as gov’t wages all-out war in the southeast and NATO threatens Russia

A rising wave of antiwar and anti-conscription protest is taking place in cities and towns across western Ukraine. The protests are prompted by the announcement of Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko ten days ago that a “third” military mobilization is now required for the war that his governing regime began waging against the population of eastern

Slander abounds in depictions of autonomy fighters in eastern Ukraine, while MH 17 investigation stalls and Kyiv’s war rages

by Roger Annis July 27, 2014—Imperialist governments and media as well as countless other commentators abound with portrayals of the pro-democracy, pro-autonomy forces in eastern Ukraine as “Russian-backed separatists” and worse. On the ‘worse’ range of the spectrum, terms such as ‘fanatics’, ‘thugs’ and even ‘fascists’ are tossed about. It would take a work of

Gaza, Gaza don’t you cry

Part I of a Feature Analysis on Operation Protective Edge by Tascha Shahriari-Parsa and Alon Lapid Last weekend, 17-year-old Anas Youssef Kandil of Gaza made the Facebook comment “I’m too tired, shell our home so I can get some sleep.” Not too long after, his home was in fact shelled, and he slept forever, as

Protests and Propaganda

Part IV of a Feature Analysis on Operation Protective Edge. by Tascha Shahriari-Parsa and Alon Lapid Ongoing Protests in Canada In response to all of the injustice, emergency demonstrations have erupted across Canada, declaring their support for Palestine and calling for an end to Israeli war crimes. Unfortunately, most Canadian media agencies have chosen not to

Israel’s Motive of Natural Gas Appropriation

Part V of a Feature Analysis on Operation Protective Edge By Tascha Shahriari-Parsa While many articles have debunked the myth that Israel is acting out of “self-defense,” very few have attempted to establish why Israel is continuing its assault on Palestine through Operation Protective Edge, aside from the supposition that Zionists have a fanatic penchant

‘Operation Protective Edge’: Israel’s Attacks on Gaza Intensify

by Tascha Shahriari-Parsa and Alon Lapid On Tuesday, July 8th, 2014, the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) launched Operation “Protective Edge”, allegedly to “stop the terror Israel’s citizens face on a daily basis.” President Benjamin Netanyahu authorized the call-up of 40,000 reservists to supplement the Israeli Southern Command, and in no time struck 150 sites that