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“A kind of super-stress”: The Experiences of a Temporary Agency Worker in Montreal

“A kind of super-stress”: The Experiences of a Temporary Agency Worker in Montreal

by Yumna Siddiqi Immigrant workers are the first to experience the shift in the labour market towards an increase in temporary work, and the reduction of permanent jobs with benefits and legally enforceable health, safety and labour standards.  Many immigrant workers obtain temporary jobs through agencies that are unregulated and fly-by-night.  R’s experiences shed light

A demonstrator is seen holding a plea to increase the rights of domestic workers in Canada (Source: Facebook Group of Pinay Quebec).

A Live-In Caregiver’s Point of View

by Yumna Siddiqi As changes are being considered to the Live-In Caregiver Program that would increase eligibility requirements for participants, decrease the number of applicants accepted, and make it more difficult for participants to obtain permanent residency, it seems timely to reflect on the experiences of caregivers who are presently in the program. B’s story,

Sureté du Québec Lt. Guy Lapointe shows tobacco seized by the Quebec police force at a news conference, April 30, 2014 in Montreal. Photo credit: Ryan Remiorz , THE CANADIAN PRESS.

The “Contraband” Raids are about PR: Interview with John Kane from “Let’s Talk Native”

by M. Cooke “You don’t have to go to Kahnawake to combat crime. The government is trying to make us [indigenous people] look worse in the eyes of their public,” says John Kane, host of radio program “Let’s Talk Native” on WWKB 1520 out of New York. The Mohawk radio personality believes that the police

Illustration by Oleg Dergachov. Oleg Dergachov is a Ukrainian painter, graphic artist, cartoonist and sculptor who works and teaches in his cozy Westmount studio in Montreal.

Migration gives relief to whom?

An Op-Ed by Joyce Valbuena (Centre d’appui aux Philippines/Centre for Philippine Concerns)  First appearing at Montreal Serai and reproduced with permission Montreal | One of the biggest challenges of migrating to another country is leaving your family behind. In most cases the reason is economics. If you are from a developing country, it becomes inevitable for

Remembering Fredy (Photo-BASICS Community News Service)

Coroner’s report into Villanueva’s death ‘blames citizens’

by M. Cooke “I hated that part, blaming the citizens. If the police hadn’t intervened, Fredy would still be alive” said Will Prosper, a community organizer in Montreal Nord, about the coroner’s report in the death of Fredy Villanueva. The inquest by Quebec Court Judge Andre Perrault investigated the events of August 9, 2008, that led


Tour highlights building of people’s power in Venezuela

By the Hugo Chavez People’s Defense Front As Venezuela faces yet another attempt by the Right-wing opposition to create political, economic and social turmoil in the wake of the upcoming municipal electoral process, the Hugo Chávez People’s Defense Front of Canada, organized a 5 City speaking tour with Katrina Kozarek from the Comuna Socialista Ataroa in

Workers protesting outside the Ministry of Labour in Quebec (M.Cooke

Quebec workers left out in the cold

by M. Cooke “People walk over us, they do what they want” said Boniface as he stood on the front steps of the office tower that houses the Quebec Ministry of Labour. Boniface and several other immigrant workers had braved the cold autumn rain to demand that the Quebec government create a bill to improve the