Event: Building Grassroots Community Power in Mishkeegogamang and Savant Lake

Report-back, Discussion and Fundraising Event

 IP event2Saturday March 30th  5-7:30pm

Beit Zatoun 612 Markham St., Toronto (google map)

Hosted by ILPS Commission in support of Indigenous People’s Struggles

Join us for a discussion with delegates from the ILPS Commission on Indigenous People’s Struggles and a report back on the Commission’s recent trip to Savant Lake, Ojibwe Nation of Saugeen and Mishkeegogamang, Ojibwe First Nation. This trip and event are critical in the Indigenous-led Commission’s work of building unity and coordination among grassroots struggles against Canadian colonialism.


Darlene Necan, an Indigenous delegate to the Commission from Savant Lake, Ojibwe Nation of Saugeen, is on the frontline of anti-colonial struggle in her community. Mining, clearcutting and herbicide spraying is destroying the ability for her people to live off the land.  She is working tirelessly to build grassroots power and resist the poisoning of traditional food sources and lack of adequate housing.

Gary Wassakeeysic, an Indigenous delegate to the Commission from Mishkeegogamang, Ojibwe First Nation. Highway 599 runs right through Mishkeegogamang and is a key artery for allowing the million dollar ventures of mining companies in Northern Ontario. Yet, his community faces severe overcrowding, police brutality and poverty. Gary is a a grassroots activist on the frontlines of resisting this oppressive contradiction.

Indigenous and non-Indigenous Commission delegates recently returned from a trip to both communities. They will speak to the ways in which ILPS-Canada can work to these efforts, in order to build a strong united front against Canadian colonialism and its destruction of Mother Earth.

IP event1*** Call for support ***

These organizers struggle for resources to have basic necessities for life, let alone to further their organizing.

The event is FREE but generous donations are greatly needed and appreciated.

Darlene,Gary and the organizers they work with, also need the following materials as soon as possible. If you can spare any of these items, please do so to directly help indigenous delegates of the ILPS Commission build grassroots power in their community:

  • Computer of any kind (or monitor, keyboards, etc)
  • Printer
  • Camping supplies

Join us in supporting this inspiring struggle for the Land, and all Life.

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