EVENT: Restoring the Two Row Wampum and Defeating Canadian Colonialism

#Idle No More: Restoring the Two Row Wampum and Defeating Canadian Colonialism
Wednesday, February 13, 2013
4:00pm – 6:00pm
Rm.109 Atkinson Building, York University

Join us for a discussion on our relationships as Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in common struggle to protect the Land and water, as guided by the Two Row Wampum.

In the context of both an inspiring Idle No More movement and the 400th year anniversary of the Two Row Wampum agreement between Haudenosaunee people and settler authorities, it is an important time to discuss building a united front.

In Southern Ontario, Indigenous and non-Indigenous people are on treaty land, making us all treaty people. As we see that the capitalist Canadian government will not uphold the treaties it is bound by on this land, we believe that it is up to the people to educate ourselves and struggle to honour them.

This discussion will be guided by reflections on the work of Haudenosaunee Land Defenders, organizers from the CUPE 3903 First Nation’s Solidarity Working Group, and the Two Row Society.