Fred Hampton Murdered by Fascist Pigs

The Black Panther Black Community News Service, Vol. 4, No. 2. Published on Saturday, December 13, 1969.

Fred Hampton MURDERED By Fascist Pigs 

Dec. 4, 1969


Deputy Chairman Fred Hampton of the Illinois Chapter has joined the ranks of martyrs, revolutionary heroes; Lumumba, Malcolm X, Little Bobby Hutton, Bunchy Carter, John Higgins, Che, Toure, Jake Winters and the countless other revolutionaries who have given the most precious gift that they could give in the name of the people.

These brothers and sisters gave their lives in order that you and yours pay one day enjoy true freedom and the best that technology can provide. Eldridge Cleaver, Minister of Information, has stated that “it is time to intensify the struggle” and that now is the time for “mad men”. Deputy Chairman Fred Hampton was just such a “mad man”. Reactionaries wondered why Deputy Chairman Fred waged such a resolute struggle seemingly against the greater of “odds”. Reactionary cultural nationalists had forgotten Malcolm’s words. Malcolm thundered that we are a generation that don’t give a f–k about the “odds”.

Deputy Chairman Fred saw through the bulls–t. He saw the corruption, poverty and bankruptcy of capitalism in Amerikkka. He saw and experienced the hunger, the pain, the agony and the death that is part and parcel of the Amerikkkan way of life. Deputy Chairman Fred checked out history and learned the very nature of this decadent fascist society, which was conceived in the genocide of the Red man. Deputy Chairman Fred dug that vulturistic capitalists were growing fat off the flesh and blood of the toiling masses of the world. So the Deputy Chairman dedicated his life to destroying the number one enemy of mankind.

The Amerikkkan government supports and carries out the death dealing policy of the vulturistic, greedy capitalists. This government was created to serve and protect the interests of slave holders and growing Yankee capitalist bandits who made their family fortunes  by robbing workers of the fruits of their labor, food, clothing, decent housing, medical treatment, the right to self-determination etc. Capitalists are denying the people their right to exist through various devious means. Exorbitant prices for commodities necessary in life. And under the cover of “law and order”, which give their fascist pigs plan open season on those who would change this society. This evil fascist government deprives the people of their lives and is even attempting to murder our unborn (they call it  birth control) while the vile vulturistic capitalists makes huge fortunes off this policy of “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Deputy Chairman Fred understood the nature of our class enemy and knew what must be done.


From the correct teaching of Huey P. Newton and the Central Committee, Deputy Chairman Fred moved to establish revolutionary political power for the people  by any means necessary. Deputy Chairman Fred dealt with the enemy. Under the guidance of our fearless Deputy Chairman, the Illinois Chapter and expanded and grew.

Socialist programs, people’s programs were implemented by the Illinois Chapter and the people. The leadership of Deputy Chairman Fred has won the support and love of all the oppressed people for our Party. We loved and respected Deputy Chairman Fred as did the people whom he served so selflessly.

(Sept. 6, 1969, B.P.P. Newspaper) He stood up in the midst of fascist gestapo forces and declared, “I am a revolutionary.” This is the spirit of Deputy Chairman Fred.

By raising their hands against Deputy Chairman, Fred Hampton, they lifted their hands against the best that humanity possesses. AND ALREADY OTHER HANDS ARE REACHING OUT, PICKING UP THE GUNS!!! Fascist pigs and mindless puppets of U.S.A. fascism, the arms of the people is long and their vengeance — TERRIFYING!!!









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