Having problems in your workplace, community or campus? Are you and fellow colleagues, community members or students organizing or want to start organizing around some issues?

Get in touch with us and begin to coordinate your work with hundreds of other people in Toronto who use BASICS to communicate across their communities and workplaces.

Below is a short list of several of the organizations here in Toronto and across Canada with which BASICS commonly engages in joint and overlapping work:

  • M1M (May 1st Movement)
  • Migrant Women’s Coordinating Committee
  • Barrio Nuevo
  • Justice 4 Alwy
  • Lal Salaam Canada Nepal Solidarity Group
  • Afghan-Iranian Youth Network
  • Bayan Canada
  • Migrante Canada
  • Frente Norman Bethune Internationalist Brigade
  • OCAP
  • NO COPS (Neighbourhood Organizing Coalition Opposed to Police in School)
  • Socialist Project
  • Canada-Philippines Labour Solidarity Committee
  • Coalition Against Israeli Apartheid
  • Centre for Philippine Concerns