My Life: A Poem in the Loving Memory of Alwy Al Nadhir

by Fatma Al Nadhir (Age: 14)

Everyday’s a struggle,
When you’re not around.
I live up to my full potential,
Because I know you’re looking down.

I can’t concentrate, I feel like there’s no

Why should I try?
Have you ever felt the pain I go through?
These days I don’t even know what I’m
going to do.
They killed my brother! What did he do?
Now I have to suffer, because of what he
went through.

I miss you Alwy!
What happened the other day?
We have no clue,
But don’t tell me my brother did wrong,
I know that’s not true!
I remember the day Alwy, Basma and I
stayed till about 5 in the morning
playing monopoly.

I will never forget you Alwy.
There’s not one day I go without
thinking about you.
You made us laugh, and cry.
Remember the day I started crying
because I got mad at you…
And then you started laughing, and
tried to make me smile,
You always wanted to see us happy.

Alwy, words can’t express
how much I miss you.

I want justice for you, Alwy… ?

The spirit of the Justice for Alwy campaign: Salma, Besma, and Fatma Al Nadhir




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