City to review study on shockingly early death rates amongst Toronto’s native population

City to review study on shockingly early death rates amongst Toronto’s native population

by Steve da Silva A recent study Walking in their shoes published by Anishnawbe Health Toronto finds that the average age of death for users [...]

Death threats issued to Toronto priest for commemorating Hugo Chavez

Death threats issued to Toronto priest for commemorating Hugo Chavez

by Steve da Silva One of Toronto’s inner suburbs has become a focal point in the ongoing struggle in Venezuela between the Bolivarian transition to [...]


by Alessandro Drago Montreal | “For temporary foreign workers there are a lot of injustices,” Noé Arteaga told a room of supporters and journalists. “We want justice, not just for me… but for everyone”. Arteaga had organized a press conference at the Immigrant Workers Centre on December 17 to draw attention to his struggle for justice. [...]


Community seeks to organize against inequality by Noaman G. Ali “It’s shocking! I am shocked!” said a parent attending a community meeting in Thorncliffe Park held last Sunday, December 22. She was responding to a presentation by Sadia Khan, a teacher and community organizer, about educational inequality between public schools in Thorncliffe Park and those [...]

CUPE National squashes unionizing effort at Carleton U.

Workers lose jobs after successful union drive turned away by Paul Moist’s office by Priscillia Lefebvre Ottawa | Female Residence Fellows at Carleton University in Ottawa were met with blatant sexism and were told to “calm down” and to “stop blowing things out of proportion” when they approached Housing and Conference Services in October of [...]

NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman and Rogers Communications President and CEO Nadir Mohamed shake hands after a news conference in Toronto November

by Tyler Shipley It’s never a good sign when the papers carry a picture of Gary Bettman grinning like an idiot. The multi-millionaire commissioner of the National Hockey League is the human representative of the collective soulless greed of the extraordinarily wealthy owners of NHL franchises, and if they’re happy, it usually means that they’ve [...]

Implications of the Supreme Court Ruling on Canada’s Prostitution Laws (RADIO BASICS INTERVIEWS)

On this edition of Radio Basics, we explore Canada’s Supreme Court ruling this December 2013 that struck down Canada’s laws around prostitution. We interview two long-time organizers around the issue, whose positions though not necessarily contradictory somewhat reflect the long-standing debate between those pushing for “decriminalization” and those advocating “abolition”.  We speak to Chanelle Gallant from Maggie’s-Toronto, a Toronto-based [...]

Sex industry celebrating Supreme Court Ruling: But most prostituted women will pay the price

Op-Ed by Suzanne Baustad Vancouver |   The most conservative Supreme Court we’ve seen in decades has decided to decriminalize prostitution, striking down all laws against keeping a brothel, living on the avails of prostitution (pimping), and street soliciting. The most reactionary government we’ve had in decades has been given a year to rewrite the [...]

Letter to the Editor: Fighting for socialized childcare as the ultimate goal

Mutual aid in childcare is the means, not the end: Fighting for socialized childcare as the ultimate goal Letter to the Editor – 22 December 2013 Thanks Vanessa Alexander for the article “Unlicensed Childcare: The Problem or the Solution?”, and thanks to BASICS for delving into an issue that’s central to the economic and social life [...]

Chavez vs. Mandela: Why did the media scorn one and mourn the other?

by Hassan Reyes For those many who identify with a progressive or liberatory politics, 2013 will be remembered as a year where two recognized leaders of the Left passed away. One was still in his prime, having just won another election, and ambitiously continuing a popular, socialist-oriented national project involving a democratic process of political [...]

Unlicensed Childcare: The Problem or the Solution?

by Vanessa Alexander – 6 December 2013 Unlicensed childcare: It sounds scary, right? That’s what the media and the Ontario Government would have you believe. In fact, unlicensed childcare is all childcare that happens when there is no license: when your neighbour looks after your daughter while you run to the store, or when grandparents [...]


Op-ed by Noaman G. Ali The recent elections in Nepal appear to spell a heavy retreat for the country’s Maoist movement. After initiating a People’s War in 1996 that lasted ten years and saw it in control of the majority of the countryside, the popular Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) formed a front with mainstream [...]

Temporary Foreign Workers in QC Launch Their Own Association

by M. Cooke MONTREAL – “We are foreign temporary workers, any day we could be expelled. That’s why we need a strong and flexible association” said Enrique Llanes, a temporary foreign worker from Spain Enrique was speaking to a group of over 50 temporary foreign workers who had gathered in Montreal this past Saturday to [...]

Tour highlights building of people’s power in Venezuela

By the Hugo Chavez People’s Defense Front As Venezuela faces yet another attempt by the Right-wing opposition to create political, economic and social turmoil in the wake of the upcoming municipal electoral process, the Hugo Chávez People’s Defense Front of Canada, organized a 5 City speaking tour with Katrina Kozarek from the Comuna Socialista Ataroa in [...]