Death threats issued to Toronto priest for commemorating Hugo Chavez

Death threats issued to Toronto priest for commemorating Hugo Chavez

by Steve da Silva One of Toronto’s inner suburbs has become a focal point in the ongoing struggle in Venezuela between the Bolivarian transition to [...]


by Laura Lepper for the Two Row Times On October 29th, 2013, Darlene Necan, elected spokesperson of the Ojibway Nation of Saugeen no. 258, was issued issued a stop work order by the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources for building a house on land where her family grew up, on off-reserve Saugeen territory (unorganized Indian [...]

Coming to wrong conclusions about Ford and his crack use

by Hassan Reyes It has been an bizarre week in the City of Toronto. The ‘Big Smoke’ has turned into the ‘Big Joke’, with the Rob Ford ‘crack’ scandal being ridiculed globally, from the Daily Show, Colbert Report, odd Taiwanese animations, and mixed into a surprisingly catchy autotune. It’s easy to see how this entire [...]

Rob Ford, a Pro Wrestler In His Own Mind

By Michael Romandel Inebriated Rob Ford Video is Actually About Professional Wrestling On November 7, 2013 posted a video of Rob Ford talking about professional wrestling while appearing drunk or high on some substance. Ford stated later that he was “very, very inebriated at the time“. The media seem to be having a field day with this footage, [...]


by Giibwanisi – Early Autumn 2013 Summer has come and gone, and the crisp autumn air of September is finally here. Soon the skies will adorn the flighted ones making their long voyage home. And not just the flighted ones, but the hoofed ones, the swimmed ones, and everything in between. Anishinabek people are migratory [...]

Four uncomfortable truths about the Ford crack scandal

by Hassan Reyes With the confirmation from Toronto’s Chief of Police, Bill Blair that the infamous video of Mayor Rob Ford smoking crack cocaine and blurting homophobic and racist slurs with several gang-involved youth has been seized, Rob Ford’s political career may be over. With even the Toronto Sun and the National Post calling for his [...]

No bread, just the circus: CUPE National convention sparks ‘Rebuilding Militant Labour’, in spite of leadership

Frustrated delegates at CUPE National Convention launch ‘Rebuilding Militant Labour’ movement from the floor by Steve da Silva, CUPE 3903 member In ancient Rome, politicians were known to secure the votes of Roman citizens by doling out wheat (drawn from conquered territories, it should be noted) and providing cheap entertainment.  This, the Roman poet Juvenal [...]

Harper’s First Nations Education Act ‘colonial’, says Madahbee

by Steve da Silva After decades of under-funding to First Nations schools – with high dropout rates and an epidemic of youth suicide that can’t be disassociated with the situation in schools – last Tuesday, October 22, the Federal government tabled their First Nations Education Act that will give it more direct control over about [...]

NY hosts International Women’s meeting

by International Women’s Alliance Close to 80 women and their allies turned out to the International Women’s Alliance meeting in New York, October 5, 2013, hosted by local member groups including the Women’s Fightback Network and Gabriela USA. The meeting came on the heels of a successful 4th International Assembly of Migrants and Refugees that [...]

Ontario’s shale-gas: The next ‘fracking’ frontier?

by Steve da Silva With the consciousness of people in Canada taken up a notch on the issue of “fracking” by the Mi’kmaq-led resistance in New Brunswick, it’s only a matter of time before people’s sights and struggles shift to the next major shale-gas frontier: Ontario. The US Energy Information Administration estimated in 2013 that [...]

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