Death threats issued to Toronto priest for commemorating Hugo Chavez

Death threats issued to Toronto priest for commemorating Hugo Chavez

by Steve da Silva One of Toronto’s inner suburbs has become a focal point in the ongoing struggle in Venezuela between the Bolivarian transition to [...]

Worker Victories in Guadeloupe and Martinique Resonate through French Empire

by Justin PanosBasics Issue #13 (Apr/May 2009) A leader of the League Against Profiteering (LKP) in Guadeloupe. On January 19th, 2009, Guadeloupe’s League against Profiteering (LKP) organized workers, youth, and the women’s movement to shut down the small French Caribbean island’s industries, refusing to budge unless the French government dealt with the longstanding economic and [...]

by Craig Fortier (Research by Ian Munroe) Basics #13 (Apr/May 2009) Afghan writer and philosopher Zahir Ofuq endures 15 years with no rights, no status, says it’s like being in an “open air prison”. TORONTO – On a rainy and windy day at a Toronto rally calling on the Canadian government to pull troops out [...]

Ontario Provincial Budget Confirms Cuts to Childcare Subsidies for Low Income Families

by Carolina CreweBasics Issue #13 (Apr/May 2009)The failure to allocate money for childcare in the March 26 Ontario provincial budget will have a grave impact on single mothers and working class families in Toronto. The onset of job losses and a looming depression has created a situation where adults will be returning to school for [...]

Enemy of the People: Jason Kenney

by Hassan Reyes (Basics Issue #13, Apr/May) Indeed, it’s been a while since we at BASICS declared someone an ‘Enemy of the People’. We’ve wanted to focus our limited space on the good work being done by various people’s organizations. However, the actions of one individual in the Federal government has prompted us to bring [...]

May Day 2009: Festival (May 1) and Day of Action March and Rally (May 2)

Cultural and Political Festival:Friday, May 1, 6pm – Steelworkers Hall, 25 Cecil St.(See below for details) ‘NO ONE IS ILLEGAL’ Rally and MarchSaturday, May 2, 1pm – Rally at Sherbourne and Carlton(See below for details) This year, the newly-formed May 1st Movement (M1M) Committee and its allies are coming together to restore the importance of [...]

Stop the Sell-Off of Public Housing in Toronto

TCHC Plans to Sell 350 Apt. Units and Housesby Levi Waldron and Ryan Newell (OCAP)BASICS Issue #13 (April/May) The Toronto Community Housing Corporation is responding to the financial crisis and sharp drop in real estate prices by proposing the sell-off of 326 apartment units and 45 single-family homes of public housing (see a map with [...]

Review of Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Che’

by Sana Malik BASICS Issue #13 (April/May) Steven Soderburgh’s 4.5 hour biopic on Enrnesto Che Guevara is an accomplished and respectful take on the revolutionary years of Che’s short life. For those who expect a celebratory tribute to the Latin American figure, Soderbergh’s piece will seem like an ambiguous attempt to represent a hero’s tale. [...]

“Not Homeless, Just Not Home Yet”: BASICS interviews Brooklyn artist Melodic

February 2009, by Makaya Melodic’s New Video for “Ride On” Jamaican-born, Canadian-raised and Brooklyn-based singer Melodic is doing it all for the people. Melodic has shared the stage with such greats as Dead Prez, Tupac, Buju Banton, Mos Def and Heavy D to name a few and he has established himself as one of New [...]

Hood 2 Hood Open Mic for Saturday Morning Live

Hood 2 Hood Movement presents An Open Mic in Solidarity with SATURDAY MORNING LIVE,and all the former CKLN hosts dismissed by the illegitimate right-wing board. Ellington’s – 805 St. Clair WestFriday, February 20, 20095pm-8pm W/ DJ L’Oqenz & DJ AkeenWith performances by Joel Harbans (Sax), Ania, Cookie, Wasun, Unsung, Quanche, Ginga, D-Squad, Huslebois, Ecclesiastic, Shing [...]

Sunday March 1st, 2009Time: 3pm (Meal at 5pm)Location: OISE, 252 Bloor Street West (St. George Subway Station), MainAuditoriumFree Meal will be served after the event!By Donation / PWYC ———————————————————————Featuring: Max Rameau, Take Back the Land (Miami, Florida)Richard St. Pierre, Longtime Quebec activist and member of theInternationalistWorkers Group (Montréal, Quebec)Cynthia Palmaria, Migrante-Ontario (Toronto, Ontario)John Clarke, Ontario [...]

The 2009 Federal Budget and the Untold Story of Canada’s $275 Billion Bank Bailout

The Insured Mortgage Purchase Program (IMPP) and the Extraordinary Financing Framework (EFF) is to the Canadians what the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) is to Americans: A cover for hundreds of billions of dollars – trillions in the U.S. – of public funds being dumped into the coffers of parasitic monopoly financial interests. by S. [...]

Basics Free Community Newsletter28 January 2009 Wearing a face covering is legal. Attending a public demonstration is also legal. However, if Montreal city council gets it’s way doing these two perfectly legal things at the same time would have you under arrest. A new bylaw currently being debated would specifically ban the wearing of face [...]