Photo Highlights: Montreal Tuition Protests


by Ziyan Hossain ( Oohlala Mobile )

Over 100,000 Quebec students walked out on their classes in a protest against the government’s planned 75 per cent tuition fee hike (of $1,600 over five years). They came together on March 22nd  to hit the streets in what media outlets have described as a “monster protest”.

Words cannot do it justice, but time lapse video can.

Montreal Tuition Protests

We were on the scene for the entire thing and here’s some of what we saw…

St. Laurent is NEVER this empty. Even at 7am on a Sunday
*tumbleweed* all non protestor traffic appears to have “peaced the scene”.

Residents along the route show their support.

Cool cats

I asked her to look serious so her expression would match the photo. This is what happened.

My favourite so far. One of many posters based on internet memes.
Solidarity is an amazing thing.

The second guy does not look impressed. He should. I had to run like crazy to get this shot.

Supporters were lining the streets, honking from cars and waving from rooftops. Brilliance.
All programs of study had pretty solid representation.
Considering I can barely draw a straight line, I was quite impressed by this bust.
Police and protestors. Coexisting. It was actually pretty great to see.
..especially when you consider the chaos and volume of people.
Youngest protestor!

Peace Out!