Sanctuary Schools Forum

Sanctuary Schools Forum
Saturday May 7th (10am ? 1pm)
OISE, Room 2-211
252 Bloor St. West

Organized by Educators for Peace & Justice and No One Is Illegal

Opening Panel:  10:00-10:30

Resisting Neo-Liberalism ? Tim McCaskell (Educator, Activist& author
of Race to Equality)

Preventing Gender Based Violence & Supporting LGBTQ2 Youth and their
Families ? Javier Davila (Teacher, Gender Based Violence Prevention
Office, TDSB)

Keeping Students Safe from Deportation ? Sheilagh Hewlett (No One Is Illegal)

Protecting Students from Police in Schools? Sabrina Gopaul (Jane &
Finch Action Against Poverty)

Working Groups: 10:30-11:30

1) Movement Building: Mobilizing Teachers to Resist Neo-Liberalism
-Nigel Bariffe (teacher, activist, TDSB)& Tim McCaskell

2) Don?t Ask, Don?t Tell -Sheilagh Hewlett & Parmbir Gill (student)

3) Preventing Gender-Based Violence – Javier Davila & Kyro DaSilva (student)

4) Resisting Policing – Sabrina Gopaul & Kabir Joshi (student)

Creating the Framework & Next Steps: 11:30-12:30
Moderated by Caitlin Hewitt-White and Syed Hussan

Resource Fair: 12:30-1:00

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Refreshments and light snacks provided




One Comment;

  1. Zahra Zar said:

    I don’t think Cailtlin Hewit-white has the right to write about misery of people of colour or feminism as she is as racist as it gets. She subordinates women of colour in any situation. she treats women of colour as is they are her subordinates and should serve her on their hands and knees and she does use her white privilege and the fact that she is allowed to speak about racism to hide her deep deep racism.
    How dare she writes about racism. at University of Guelph she treated people of colour like second class citizens and anyone objected to that was targeted by her in more than one ways.
    She talks about the misery of people of colour and by doing that she gains “credibility” then uses that credibility to push around people of colour. She is nothing but an evil racist.