Street Voices Launch Poem

Joel Zola

A Poem by Joel Zola

Written for the founding of street voices magazine

unnamed-3 We live in the modern day world of cellphones, wikipedia, and social media

Sexual messages are sexually transmitted like gonorrhoea to our subconscious

The masses are asleep to reality like we’re unconscious

The voices of the streets will be the alarm clock, its time to wake up!

To the government’s cover ups, and I’m not talking about make up

I’m talking about 911, Khadafi, and the Federal Reserve

Do you own research I`ve been educated since I have been kicked to the curb

Street smarts, I gotta degree in the Street Life

Learned how to read people, and right hand hooks to people who didn’t speak right

We’re hungry for support like a child that doesn’t eat right

Control the food distribution, then how do they expect us to eat right?

Wrong truths mixed with white lies

Has the media looking misty like the night sky

I’m just trying clear it up, I’m sure of y’all are wondering if the right guy

Whether I’m the right or the wrong one

Just know Street Voices means revolution in the long run

In the race to change the world it’s a long run

Running out of time that’s a scary thought

We just trying to run Canada like we’re Terry Fox

Because the only people that run it right now are white how?

When we live in the most multicultural city right now

I’m raising the voices of the streets because they want us pipe down

So fuck peace and love, I’m ready to fight now

Only time I turn my left cheek is too look over my shoulder

Because in the streets if you don’t watch your back, your life could be over

So now we’re done trying to compromise, I’m crossing the boarder

Just know if you take my life your taking a soldier

For those of you that are conservative, you probably can’t wait till this is over

But for those that can relate, were taking this over

Cause they don’t really care about us, that’s what Michael Jackson said

Cardiac arrest now Michael Jacksons dead

Speaking of arrest, I’m trying to avoid the feds

Because when you want to change the world, they want your head

But I`m still going to keep doing what I do, because I ain’t got no choices

And if I die, ill live forever through STREET VOICES!

Joel Zola is a founder of Street Voices , a youth-led, quarterly magazine that aims to unite youth in the shelter system. Street Voices emerged in part from the support of the School of People’s Journalism put together by BASICS Community News Service .