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Organizing for Better Homes and Beyond

Organizing for Better Homes and Beyond

By Nooria Alam and Harshita Singh On Saturday January 14th, the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) organized a “Scarborough Tenant Speak Out” action in 215 Markham Road, bringing many frustrated tenants down to the lobby of their Markham and Eglinton area building. The group of tenants created a list of demands regarding

Ford’s City Hall Moves to Attack Social Housing

By M. Lau & S. da Silva On March 10, 2011 Toronto Mayor Rob Ford launched his attack on social housing in Toronto, adding to the list of other attacks that Ford’s City Hall is making on working people.  After scandalizing the Toronto Community Housing Corporation (TCHC) when details were released about misspending by TCHC

TCHC Tenants: Watch out for ‘Public Interest’

By Steve da Silva The TCHC residents of Regent Park and Lawrence Heights will easily recognize the name ‘Public Interest’. Public Interest Strategy and Communications was the consulting firm that was hired by TCHC to conduct the bogus “consultation” processes with residents about plans for ‘Revitalization’ (a.k.a. Gentrification).In essence, these consultations were all about selling

What Is To Be Done? An Appeal to TCHC Tenants City-Wide

By Shafiqullah Aziz, TCHC Tenant, Cataraqui (Scarborough) As the current situation with TCHC unfolds – Bill 140 threatening to throw open the door to the privatization of social housing, the firing of all members of the former TCHC board, the approval by Ootes to sell 22 units, with a one-man TCHC board occupied by Case

Bill 140: Opening the door to TCHC privatization

By M. Lau & Diamond Wisdom Timing was everything when it came down to Ford’s rush decision to dismantle TCHC’s Board of Directors and replace it with a one-man-operation, Case Ootes. The provincial government is currently working to passBill 140: Strong Communities Through Affordable Housing Act 2011. Bill 140 will enact the Housing Services Act

The Brief History of Cuts to Social Housing in Toronto

by M. Cook – BASICS #17 (Jan / Feb 2009) Patrick LeSage, former Chief Justice of the Superior Court of Ontario, has been conducting public forums investigating Toronto Community Housing Corporation’s (TCHC) eviction policies after the death of a former TCHC tenant. We, at BASICS, want to provide tenants with another space to share their