Welfare Recipients Threatened

The Black Panther Black Community News Service, Vol 1, No. 2. Published on June 20, 1967.


Welfare Recipients Threatened

By Minister of Information


Welfare recipients in the North Richmond area have been threatened by agents of the Contra Costa Country Welfare Department. They were told that if they join or associate with members of the Black Panther Party For Self Defense they will be kicked off of Welfare immediately and their checks will stop coming. This threat was prompted by the fact that due to the disgusting conditions under which black people are forced to live in the area the Black Panther Party has gained a phenomenal number of new members there.

This is a perfect example of how the white racist power structure stoops to any low down dirty means to stop black people from moving in a direction and with a technique that is effective in dealing with the vast array of problems confronting them. The petty mercenaries who run the Welfare Department are not free from the pervasive racist ideology with which white people generally exercise when dealing with defenseless black people.

In the first place, the crumbs which the Welfare Department hands out to poor people are nothing but an insult added to injury. A government that is willing to spend billions of dollars on bombs and bullets with which to massacre our Vietnamese brothers and sisters while tossing out pennies and nickels to destitute so-called citizens, has forfeited all rights to exist. Black people in particular should reevaluate their commitment and loyalty to a gangster system that can do nothing for them but create problem upon problem. Ever since black people were first brought here as slaves the white man has kept them in a bind, no matter what foul lies are used to try to cover up the facts.

In order to put an end to this and similar forms of pressure and intimidation, black people must join together in an uptight organization that will then have the power and authority to break the back of racist oppression all over this country. The power which black people could have if they were organized is fantastic. We are not speaking of “begging power” or “suggestion power”; we mean real black power that can demand satisfaction and inflict political consequences if the demands are not met. This power is coming and only the sleep of the black masses is holding it back. If all black people, or even a significant number of them, would really get fed up with the crap dished out by our enemies, we could put a speedy end to it and there is absolutely nothing that our enemies can do to stop us. We are going to get this power and we are going to deal with the flunkies of the Welfare Department in a manner that they will not fail to understand.




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