Leila Khaled, M-1 (Dead Prez), Jan Myrdal, & Maria Augusta Calle – IMPERIALISM & PEOPLES’ STRUGGLE


Title: Leila Khaled, M-1 (Dead Prez), Jan Myrdal, & Maria Augusta Calle – IMPERIALISM & PEOPLES’ STRUGGLE
Location: 252 Bloor St W (OISE)
Link out: Click here
Start Time: 17:00
Date: 2012-11-08

This keynote event is part of the “Right to Exist, Right to Resist” Conference. Advance registration for conference required; visit here to register.  Visit the website of the “Right to Exist, Right to Resist” Conference.

Leila Khaled – “Criminalizing the Palestinian Resistance and the Right to Rebel”

Palestinian leader Leila Khaled is a member of the Palestinian National Council and has been a prominent figure in the struggle to liberate Palestine since the 1960s. One of the most legendary Palestinian leaders, she is also an embodiment of the leading role of Palestinian women in resisting colonization, occupation and imperialism.

Khaled will be speaking about the ongoing criminalization of the resistance in Palestine by Israel and through the imperialist ‘War on Terror’ and the effects on the ‘shatat’– the Palestinian diaspora.

M1 / Mutulu Olugbala – “Culture is a battle ground: Imperialism and People’s Culture”

As one-half of the revolutionary hip-hop group, Dead Prez – which just dropped the much-anticipated 2012 album ‘Information Age’ – M-1 (Mutulu Olugbala) has been setting the bar for revolutionary hip-hop in the belly of the imperialist beast for more than a decade since the album ‘Let’s Get Free’.

M-1 will be speaking about the im­perialist globalization and its effects on culture and the resistance of anti-imperialist people’s culture; in addition to performing at the ILPS-Canada concert on Saturday, November 10 at the Annex Wreckroom.

Jan Myrdal – A life’s reflections on anti-imperialist struggle

Jan Myrdal is an internationally renowned author from Sweden and an anti-imperialist thinker and activist with decades of work. From his first book on the socialist transformation in China in 1963, Report from a Chinese Village to Confessions of a Disloyal European (1967) and his first book on India, India Waits (1984), Myrdal has long been a supporter of the struggle of the oppressed for liberation.

From his membership in the communist youth movement in Sweden in 1943 to his break from Euro-communism’s incorrect stance on national liberation in the oppressed countries to his most recent publication of Red Star Over India (2010) on the Maoist movement in India – for which Jan Myrdal was banned for life from re-entering the country by the Indian parliament – Myrdal brings decades of reflections and experiences on anti-imperialist politics.

Jan Myrdal will be sharing his reflections building anti-imperialist solidarity from within anti-imperialist countries, with some discussion on the solidarity with the people’s war in India taking place in Sweden.

Maria Augusta Calle – “From Manta to Julian Assange: Ecuador’s Challenge to the Anglo-American Imperialists”

Maria Augusta Calle is an elected Member of Ecuadorian National Assembly, representing Alianza Pais and currently the Vice President of the Food Sovereignty, Agriculture and Fisheries Development Commission of the Ecuadorian National Assembly.

Calle played a leading role in drafting constitutional reforms which explicitly prohibit any kind of foreign military base in Ecuador aiming, resulting in the permanent closing of the US military base of Manta from Ecuador in September 2009. More recently, Maria Augusta was central to the efforts within Ecuador advocating for the granting of asylum to Julian Assange in Ecuador.

With a Degree in Sociology and Communication, her media experience includes founding Altercom, the first independent and alternative news Agency of Ecuador and serving as the the Ecuadorian correspondent for TELESUR. Additionally, she has a long history as an organizer with women’s organizations and with the Indigenous Movement in Ecuador.




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