Toronto – Nairobi Indie Media Exchange

What: A discussion on independent media in Mathare, Nairobi Kenya (East Africa’s second-largest slum)
Where: UofT, OISE Rm. 5250 (252 Bloor W.)
When: 22 November, 7-9pm
Why:  To share our knowledge of Nairobi and Toronto independent media and build solidarity

Independent media in the heart of East Africa’s second-largest slum? Talk of an under-reported story! Yet for the approximately 300,000 residents of the Mathare estate in Nairobi Kenya, where most are young and live on less than $1 a day, community-controlled media is a key platform for articulating social struggles and building collective solutions to pressing problems.

Together, the people of Mathare have established their own independent media groups to share issues and generate conversations relevant to their lives. Workers from two Mathare-based collectives, Liberation Cooperative Organization (LCO) and Mathare Radio, are pleased to welcome you to a presentation and group discussion on the role of independent media in our Nairobi and Toronto communities.

Whether you want to learn more about independent media in East Africa or to get involved, we hope to see you on Thursday, 22 November at 7pm, Rm 5250, OISE (252 Bloor W.), University of Toronto.