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As the facts from the 2012-2013 ceasefire show, Israel, not Hamas, is notorious for breaching ceasefires.

The Facade of Ceasefire Talks

The Facade of Ceasefire Talks

Part III of a Feature Analysis on Operation Protective Edge by Tascha Shahriari-Parsa and Alon Lapid Recently, discussions have taken place about a potential ceasefire, andNetanyahu has claimed that “Hamas’s rejection of the ceasefire gives Israel full legitimacy to expand the operation to protect our people”—a claim that has been used to warrant Israel’s ground

Thousands marched in Toronto on July 11 (Photo: BASICS Community News Service).

Protests and Propaganda

Part IV of a Feature Analysis on Operation Protective Edge. by Tascha Shahriari-Parsa and Alon Lapid Ongoing Protests in Canada In response to all of the injustice, emergency demonstrations have erupted across Canada, declaring their support for Palestine and calling for an end to Israeli war crimes. Unfortunately, most Canadian media agencies have chosen not to


Israel’s Motive of Natural Gas Appropriation

Part V of a Feature Analysis on Operation Protective Edge By Tascha Shahriari-Parsa While many articles have debunked the myth that Israel is acting out of “self-defense,” very few have attempted to establish why Israel is continuing its assault on Palestine through Operation Protective Edge, aside from the supposition that Zionists have a fanatic penchant

Art by Iranian artist Seema Sardarzehi.

From Pakistan to Turtle Island: #YesAllWomen

Op-Ed by Muriam Salman There has been widespread condemnation of the attack on a 25-year old pregnant woman as she stood in front of Lahore Courthouse, Pakistan on May 27. Farzana Parveen died after being hit with bricks and sticks by her father, brother, and former fiancé. The stoning coincided with news of Elliot Rogers

Vancouver groups rally in defence of Indian political prisoner G.N. Saibaba

by Aiyanas Ormond “GN Saibaba is being targeted for opposing the Government’s anti-Naxal war.” – Arundhati Roy Members of Vancouver’s South Asian community, human rights activists and health workers gathered outside the Consul General of India in Vancouver on June 20 to protest the continued detention of Revolutionary Democratic Front leader and Delhi University professor GN