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The Rob Ford Crack Video

The Rob Ford Crack Video

By Shafiqullah Aziz The infamous video of former mayor Rob Ford smoking crack, recorded by Mohamed Siad, has finally been released. Following the completion of court proceedings in the Andrew Lisi extortion case, the publication ban on the 2013 video has been lifted. After the release of U.S. online publication Gawker’s article “For Sale: A

Bob Kinnear: Transit workers offered to take a wage freeze if the TTC maintained services, but the City said no

by Noaman G. Ali “We said we would be willing—and this was just dialogue, wasn’t offers passed back and forth—that we’d take this,” Bob Kinnear makes a zero with his fingers, “provided that the Toronto Transit Commission maintains the level of service.” But according to Kinnear, president of the Amalgamated Transit Union Local 113 (ATU